Terms And Conditions – Database Sale

First of all welcome to the Database Sale. Here we are describing some of our general terms and conditions. These General Terms and Conditions form part of our Agreement and the “Agreement” attached to it must apply to your use.

All business marketing media or email data or services provided by databasesale.com to its authorized business (Database Sale) which data or services are referred to collectively as “Data”.

Hope these will be useful in your use of our service and you will register or log on to the Database Sale after accepting these.

Terms of Service

  • Our Terms and Conditions cover our Privacy Policy, Your Responsibilities, Liability, Acceptance, consideration, appropriate manner etc. You need to respect our terms for receiving our services.
  • You can’t share, sell, transfer or otherwise make available the data supplied by us to any third person or entity unless specifically authorized in advance and in writing by Database Sale.
  • Refrain from misuse or unauthorized use of data.
  • Do not give or allow any third party or entity to use our data.
  • You can’t use the data in any of your advertising or promotional or marketing materials.
  • You can’t not use the data for consumer credit, underwriting insurance, employment, screening or any other purpose.
  • You are aware that all offers, services or any other items provided by Database Sale can be stopped or modifiable at any time.

Limitation of License

Upon execution of your Agreement and payment of all amounts due to Database Sale, you may be authorized to use the Data solely for your direct marketing, market research and customer anticipated purposes, subject to the Terms.

  • It shall be personal, non-transferable and exclusive.
  • After the contract expires, you will stop using the data. Return the data without keeping any copies and other information as requested by database sale.
  • Also the database cell you need to ensure that the data is destroyed and the data cannot be recovered.
  • You can provide a testimonial whether our service was effective for you.

About cookies

Database Sale can apply cookies or third parties for some purposes. You will be informed about cookies in our agreement.  Please use the Service only if you are sure of this.

Cookies are used to enable certain functionality to facilitate services for people visiting our website Database Sale.  Some of our affiliate/advertising partners may also use cookies.

The certain responsibilities imposed on you :

  • Avoid republishing databases purchased from Database Sale.
  • Refrain from selling, renting or sub-licensing the database sale data.
  • Refrain from reproducing, copying material from the Database Sale.
  • Refrain from redistributing the content of Database Sale.
  • Use of your data will comply with all applicable local and foreign laws, rules and regulations.

Database Sale reserves the right to immediately terminate any user’s license to access or use the Service if unauthorized uses the Service. In whole or in part, for Spamming purposes.

Database Sale reserves the right to take appropriate legal action as necessary for any violation.

If you reasonably believe that any other user may be using our data for Spamming purposes, you have made sure that you will immediately notify Database Sale of any such violation.

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